ViviStar Consulting presents a new text engine for PowerPlant... VText.

VText is not a reincarnation of the TextEdit API.
VText is not a C++ PowerPlant wrapper to some other text engine.

VText is a text engine built to the object oriented API defined in PowerPlant's "AppleEvent Classes" -- but built entirely from scratch. VText further refines that API by adding support for rulers, bidirectional scripts, multibyte characters, and inline TSM text entry.

Press release Announcement of immediate availability.
Samples Illustrations of tabs, rulers, and WorldScript compatibility.
Demo Download a full featured demonstration application that includes syntax styling for C/C++ & HTML files.
Manual Complete VText manual.
License Online copy of the VText source licensing agreement.
Download Updates for the VText library. Includes description of relaxed distribution policies.
 Purchasing Purchasing information.
Registration Register your purchased copy of the VText library here. Registered users receive email notification of updates.

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